Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Oldest TURTLE.....a comrade!

Let's ponder.... for just a while. think about ourselve. Where we were, our past, our present, our future...... 

No human can tell what's going to happen, whom we are going to meet, who will make us laugh, hurt, cry and so on. None! it is all fated......only Allah knows!

Further back in May 4th 1981 ( it was my birthday), was the day my friends and I whom we call ourselves TURTLES came together in Maktab Perguruan Kuala Terengganu, Batu Rakit, Terengganu. we were the teacher trainees and how naif we were back then.

We were the first batch for this college because it was newly opened. Wow!! Every corner and nooks and furnitures and everything smell so fresh and new! Unfortunate or lucky for us because there were nobody called the SENIORS to bully us! We were totally on our own lead by 5 lecturers, a Principal and 3 office staffs.....

Batu Rakit back then was very quiet.....a few villages surrounded , a primary school right in front....public transport....do not ask!
So, most of the time, we Turtles will gathered together  enjoying each other's company, talking, teasing and singing. Were were like brothers and sisters....that was and still is the kind of bond we had. We just sat on the grass, at the corridor, the curb and when we have extra money, we went for Teh Tarik Session at Warung Pok Pin which is situated opposite the entrance.

Nothing fancy, no specialties, simply nothing BUT Pok Pin the owner made us visit his warung almost everyday! Being youngsters, we were quite naughty. Sometime we ordered 4 glasses of drinks but paid for 3 and so on! The Keropok Lekor and Mee Goreng tasted like the best on earth because we have no choice. The BEST always come  from Warung Pok Pin.

Last year, we attended a wedding in Kuala  Terengganu. We paid Pok Pin a surprise visit. He looked old and gray but that man behaved the same, calm, quiet.......just like he was thirty over years ago.... He was puzzled to see so many cars stopped by his warung and when we told him who we were, Pok Pin cried. The tears brought tears in our eyes too. He was so happy that we still remembered him and came to visit him. he was so touched. Each and everyone of us chip in some money and we managed to collect quite a lot. We handed it to the old man and asked forgiveness for being naughty towards him. He just smile and told us how he had to stay up late at night just for us to finish out Teh Tarik, Teh O Beng and so on. He said that he simply love us very much eventhough we misbehaved. Hahahhahhha.... He and thanked us for visiting him. He said HALAL for the past unpaid meals! Alhamdulillah..... we owe him no more money but we will always cherish the way he treated us like his own children. Thank you Pok Pin. We will never forgt you.

Last week, we got  news regarding Pok Pin from his son. He who is 78 years old now, for the first time in his entire life was rushed to Hospital Besar Kuala Terengganu because he complained short of breath. We all made dua for Pok Pin to get well soon. Turtles in Kuala Terengganu already visited him. He looked better and he smiled when our Turtle comrade Titina told him who she is and Pok Pin sent his salam to all of  us.

It is fated  that we met and we make dua you will get well soon Pok Pin. Officially you are not a TURTLE but now you are. You are our oldest comrade!

We will visit you again. InsyaAllah.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The very thought of you

The Very Thought Of You 

The very thought of you
I forget to do
Those little ordinary things
That everyone ought to do
I'm livin' in a kind of a daydream
I'm happy as a king
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything
The mere idea of you
The longing here for you
You'll never know
How slow the moments go
Till I'm near to you
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you,
The very thought of you, my love
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you,
The very thought of you, my love
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love
I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Selamat Tinggal 2016

Dalam masa beberapa jam sahaja lagi, tahun 2016 bakal kita tinggalkan. Perginya ia membawa bersama banyak kenangan yang tidak terbilang jumlahnya.

Setiap hujung tahun, aku akan bertanya pada diriku, apakah pencapaianku tahun ini.Semakin berusaha aku dapati semakin  banyak lagi yang kurang. Ya Allah..... permudahkanlah buatku.

Sebentar lagi muncullah  2017.  Apakah yang Allah sediakan buatku. Akan aku berusaha mempertingkatkan amalan ibadatku. Semoga aku menjadi umat yang lebih baik. InsyaAllah.

Selamat tinggal 2016.

selamat datang 2017!

Doaku semoga tahun hadapan  akan lebih baik dari tahun

Monday, May 30, 2016


 Up until today, we have been driving for 1587.7 kilomteres and it is our fifth day! Yesterday we left Ban Tattuk Resort in Surat Thani and moving towards Ban Sa Phan.

We stopped by a wet market to get some ingredients for our upcoming meals. Very cheap indeed. Large sizes shrimps costs us half the price.  Varieties of vegetables and fish with very reasonable prices can be found here. Both Norliah and I had to remind one another not to go overboard! hahahahhahahha.

On our way, we stopped by a district called Chumphon. Many Muslims can be found here. The RnR in Chumphon catered a part of their food court for Muslims and even built a surau........ and guess what, they use Bahasa Melayu in the signage even though the spelling is a bit out but the one written in Jawi is correct.  They have rows and rows of toilets but amazingly you do not smell anything! How did they do it? What technology are they using? Simply amazing.

Surau di RnR Chumphon.

Rows of very clean toilets.

We had late lunch and packed some so we do not have to prepare dinner. We have driven for almost 3 hours from Ratchaprapa Dam to Chumphon and   2 more hours to reach our next destintion...Ban Sa Phan.

Looked so inviting but those are inner organs.

Lucky us for this lady speaks some Bahasa Melayu.

Muslim food court.

Halal cakes and munchies .

Muslim food stalls.

Now you see it!

Damage is done

Norliah enjoying her food.

A Muslim coffee corner.

 We arrived in Ban Sa Phan quite late. Looking hi and lo for a suitable place to stay and at last we found Ban Sa Phan Resort. Nothing fancy but rooms are spacious, clean and cheap! THB 500 per room..... and they have wi fi!  What more can you ask for?

Beautiful sunset when we left Chumphon.

Have a good rest people. Long way to drive tomorrow.....

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A special day....a special place.

Need to pay for car park.

It came every year without fail. It will keep on coming when the cycle comes. It brought along love, kindness, well wishes and duas. It too brought back memories of one most important person in your life......your mother. 

Today , 55 years ago my mother Allahyarhammah Hajjah Mahnom binti Omar was in labour on a motorcycle after she came back from Singapore with my father Allahyarham Mohd Yunos bin Mohd Doyah. After dropping Mak at home, Abah rushed to the midwife's house. Just as they arrived home, Mak gave birth to me! Alhamdulillah. I wonder how she did it alone and the pain...the pain of labour is unbearable. May Allah forgive all their sins and wrong doings and give the BEST to both my Mak and Abah and put them in Jannah. InsyaAllah.

To me, a birthday is a way to remind us that we are not getting any younger. The person who should get all the wishes, gifts and attention is our mother. Our birthday is their labour day. It was the day they were in pain and some even suffered for days in labour just to give birth to us. What do we do on our birthdays? We celebrate.....what ever for? We should visit our mothers for those who still have  theirs, hug her with all your might, thank her for everything and shower her with lots of love and buy gifts for her! She deserved it eventhough she never asked or hope for it. But for those who has lost their mother, just pray and make dua for them.

Our private villa .

This year, I celebrated my birthday in Siam. Nothing special. Just another day. Alhamdulillah Allah has given me the best in life one could ever dream of. I am so very greatful. Thank you Allah. Every birthdays passed by means we are closer to our final destination. My wish and dua for myself is good health, strong, happy forever.


Home cooked breakfast.

Today, after home cooked breakfast at Ban Tattuk Resort in Surat Thani, we drove to Khao Sok National Park which was only 10 minutes drive. This is where the Rajjaprabha Dam is. It is known to the locals as Cheow Lan Lake. This is a man made lake for multi purpose project for power generation, flood control, reservoir and fishery. it is 165 square kilometers wide ans as old as our very own Lake Kenyir in Kuala Berang, Terengganu but ours is bigger in scale.
Fishery in Ratchaprapa Dam.

We took a private boat ride  in and around the lake. The view was mesmerizing. The fresh air.......





Let the photographs do the talking. Happy birthday to me!!! Alhamdulillah.

Satu perkongsian

Kehidupan ini satu perkongsian. Kita dilahirkan tanpa membawa apa-apa dan kita akan pergi tanpa membawa apa-apa. Tetapi sepanjang kehidupan kita di dunia ini, kita semua memerlukan antara satu sama lain. Kelemahanmu, kekuatanku.  Kelebihanmu, kekuranganku. Sebab itulah Allah menjadikan kita berlainan antara satu sama lain. Sebab itulah Allah suruh kita mengembara  dan melihat sendiri ciptaanNya! Dengan demikian barulah kita tahu kedudukan kita sebenarnya.

Pengembaraanku selama 18 hari di bumi Siam banyak mengajarku memahami nilai suatu kehidupan. Sebelum bertolak, kami sudah mula mengumpul barangan termasuklah makanan untuk dibawa bersama. Maklumlah, kita tidak tahu keadaan di negara orang. Pelbagai jenis pes dari pelbagai jenama kami bawa. Sempatlah beberapa kali kami masak sendiri apabila tiada restoren halal yang kami jumpa. Tanda HALAL mereka sangat jelas dan disertai dengan gambar bulan sabit dan bintang. Alhamdulillah. Restorennya kecil-kecil sahaja. Tampak dari mata kasar macam kurang memberangsangkan namun kebersihannya mengatasi segalanya. Walaupun buruk kedainya tetapi sepanjang saya di sana tidak terlintas atau terjumpa seekor lipas ataupun tikus ... walaupun di pasar basah mereka.

Kedai runcit .
Berbanding dengan kita, kebersihan mereka keseluruhannya adalah jauh....jauh lebih baik. Mengapa aku berkata demikian? Ada sebabnya. Bagi sahabat-sahabat yang mengenaliku, aku bukan jenis yang suka ke tandas awam. Aku jenis penggeli dan cerewet. Jika bermusafir, antara barang yang pasti kubawa bawa bersama ialah sabun dan cecair pembunuh kuman. Tetapi, tahap kebersihan tandas awam di Siam amat mengagumkan. Bukan setakat tiada berbau tetapi wangi! Timbul dalam benak fikiranku, apakah sistem yang mereka gunakan? Yang aku nampak, kebanyakan tandasnya tidak menggunakan pam. Tetapi yang jelas ialah, setiap kali selepas digunakan, pasti ada pekerja yang mencuci. Hebat mereka ni.

Pengembaraanku selama 18hari di bumi Siam banyak mengajarku erti nilai suatu kehidupan. Islam bukanlah agama rasmi mereka. Jauh sekali. Majoriti orang Islam Thai tinggal di bahagian selatan negara tersebut.  Jelas kelihatan banyak binaan masjid di kanan dan kiri jalanraya mereka. Dari jauh kelihatan ramai kaum lelaki berkupiah dan berserban. Wanitanya pula menutup aurat seperti kita juga. Bila berada di kawasan itu, terasa seolah-olah kita berada di kampung kita sendiri. Semasa di Narathiwat, kami singgah di sebuah masjid lama yang sudah berusia 390tahun, Binaannya masih utuh dan kayunya tidak lapuk. Masih digunakan oleh penduduk kampung Wadi Al Hussein. Alangkah baiknya sekiranya kami membawa bersama beberapa buah Quran dan beberapa helai sejadah. Mereka memang kekurangan bahan-bahan tersebut dan amat memerlukan bantuan.  Masjid itu digunakan untuk mengajar ilmu AlQuran. Isteri kepada Imam  masjid itu ialah bekas juara Qariah Thailand peringkat antarabangsa. Sepanjang perjalanan ke utara, banyak masjid yang kami jumpa dan singgah. Antara masjid yang besar ialah di Chiang Mai iaitu Masjid Hidayatul Islam Ban Haw  dan  Masjid Darunaman di Chiang Rai. Kedua masjid ini dibina oleh orang China Islam dari Yunan. 

Masjid Wadi al Hussein.

Masjid Hidayatul Islam, Chiang Mai.

Masjid Darunaman, Chiang Rai.

Pengembaraanku selama 18 hari di bumi Siam banyak mengajarku erti nilai sebuah kehidupan. Bahasa. Selalu kita sangkakan yang bahasa ibunda tidak boleh memajukan sesebuah bangsa. Ada yang berpendapat, ilmu duniawi untuk memnentukan kemajuan bangsa memerlukan satu bahasa lain , bahasa dunia, Bahasa Inggeris. Ada ketika mempertikaikan penggunaan bahasa ibunda dan ada yang memandang rendah pula. Kita silap sebenarnya. Silap besar. 

Tulisan jawi. Bahasa Melayu.

Di Siam, Bahasa Melayu digunakan dengan meluas sekali.  Bukan hanya bahasanya, malah tulisan jawi masih wujud di papan papan tanda kedai dan gedung-gedung besar malah di pejabat-pejabat kerajaan. Bangsa Siam yang aku temui, majoriti tidak pandai berbahasa Inggeris. Mereka hanya belajar bila perlu sahaja. Tetapi, mereka maju! Bangunan, Kenderaan, Barangan tempatan mereka ada kelas tersendiri. Dan yang hebatnya mereka bangga dengan bahasa mereka! Sudahnya, kami menggunakan Bahasa Melayu sepenuhnya dan ramai yang faham!  Tetapi adalah lebih mudah untuk mengguna Google Translator . Taip saja apa yg kita nak katakan dan Google akan alihbahasakan...begitulah juga dengan mereka. Semuanya dipermudahkan. Alhamdulillah.

Ada satu ketika semasa di Chiang Mai, kami bertemu dengan seorang lelaki Thai dari Bangkok. Sangat fasih berbahasa Melayu. Kami bertanya di mana beliau belajar bahasa Melayu dan jawapannya menitiskan air mataku. Katanya, kalau kita tidak mempertahankan bahasa kita ni, satu hari nanti kita akn lupa siapa diri kita sebenarnya. Tanpa bahasa hebat ini, bagaimanakah untuk belajar Al Quran sedangkan yang mengajar ilmu itu semua dari Selatan Thai dan mereka semua berbahasa Melayu. Beliau tunjukkan sebuah You Tube dari Telefon bimbitnya dengan penuh rasa bangga. Lagu yang dimainkan ialah lagu-lagu Melayu yang berlatarbelakangkan zaman Tanah Melayu mencapai kemerdekaan. Tergamam aku seketika.....Bangsa lain mengagungkan bahasa kita. Seluruh keluarga beliau fasih berbahasa Melayu. Aku termangu sejenak. Fikiranku melayang mengenangkan bangsaku......kekalkah kita?

Jalanraya di Siam sangat berkualiti buatannya. Tiada kesan tampalan. Jika ada jalanraya yang rosak dan perlu dibaiki, bahagian itu akan ditutup dan kenderaan akan menggunakan sebelah jalanraya sahaja . Jalanraya yang rosak bukan ditampal tapi dibongkah dan dibina jalanraya yang baru. Selepas pulang dari kembara, aku menziarah pusara kedua ibu bapaku di Muar. Kemudian aku ke Batu Pahat menziarahi sahabat lama suamiku. Perjalanan sejauh 6,000 kilometer mengembara bumi Siam, badan aku  terasa sangat relaks dan boleh tidur dengan nyenyak di dalam kenderaan semasa orang lain memandu. Tetapi ternyata, jalanraya kita tidak setanding. Sudahlah begitu, tiada tol dikenakan kepada pengguna jalanraya kecuali di Kota Bangkok. Itu pun jika kita ingin meggunakan jalanraya bertingkat. Jika tidak, tak perlu bayar!

Budi bahasa mereka sangat tinggi, Jika kita bertanyakan sesuatu, bersusah payah mereka cuba menjawab. Kadang-kadang seperti ayam bercakap dengan itik. Hahhahahhahha. Suatu malam kami ke Pasar Malam di Kanchanaburi. Tujuan untuk melihat lihat dan membeli makanan. Kami bertanya seorang penjual wanita jika ada makanan HALAL dijual di situ. Dia cuba menunjuk arah tetapi apabila melihat kami tidak memahaminya, dia bertindak membawa kami sendiri ke gerai tersebut. Sungguh perihatin dan baik hati. Boleh dikatakan yang kebanyakan yang kami temui adalah baik.

Tanda Restoren HALAL.

Pernah sekali, tayar kereta termasuk paku. Seperti biasa, masalah bahasa. Pengurus hotel itu sendiri dengan keadaannya yang sarat mengandung menghantar kami ke bengkel. Setelah menerangkan kepada mekanik tersebut, barulah beliau meninggalkan kami. Tiga orang mengerjakan tayar kami dan mereka mengenakan bayaran sebanyak THB100 sahaja! Kami terkejut dan hampir tidak percaya. Mereka langsung tidak  mengambil kesempatan  walaupun mereka tahu kami adalah pelancong.....sangat ikhlas.

Kalau kubiarkan ingatan ini berterusan, otak ini berfikir dan jari pantas  menaip, pengalaman yang kutempuhi selama 18 hari tidak akan kehabisan ceritanya kerana terlalu banyak. Bukan niatku untuk membandingkan dengan negara kita tetapi apa yang nyata itulah yang aku perkatakan.  Namun sehebat manapun, secantik manapun, secanggih manapun negara orang, Malaysia tetap dihatiku. Yang baik kubawa pulang untuk dikongsi bersama saudara dan taulan.
Pasar bersih.

Kedai Makan Bersih.

Jalanraya bersih.

Premis perniagaan bersih.