Thursday, June 4, 2009


Those days, when I was much younger, it always puzzled and annoyed me to see grandparents looking after their grandchildren with the absence of the parents! I will always passed negative comments about what I saw. I will always tell myself that when my time comes, I will not do the same. My children have to take care of their little ones themselves. I will come and visit whenever I feel like. But Allah knows better! I was wrong about everything and my kind of thinking stinks!!

When I wed my daughter, even before she got pregnant, I became a grandmother much earlier! I planned everything for my grandchild who is not even born yet! See how Allah played me out! When my daughter told me that she's pregnant, I jumped high and got so excited. I started collecting books on pregnancy and even on child care ! Mind I fast!

When Hana gave birth to a healthy and hefty little Ammar, I was so excited. I jumped even higher! The first cry brought tears to my eyes. I cried because throughout her pregnancy until she gave birt, I worried more for my daughter but with th baby's first cry, I knew that my prayers was answered..Alhamdulillah. I cooked, cleaned and took care of everything for both mother and child throughtout the confinement (until today). I was enjoying myself doing it. Good for me because my daughter obeyed my instructions. To her, what I did is for the best for her and her son...which definitely is true!! trust me....

Now my grandson Ammar is almost 7 months old and he is so cute! Nobody can resist him. All of my friends just love him very much. Whenever I need a helping hand in nursing Ammar, I'm never alone! Looking at him smiling and responding to my calls makes me feel great and wanted!. He's so bubbly and now responds to almost everyone and everything around him. I will read him books of poetry or religion books on the life of the prophets. He loves listening to my story telling and slept immediately.

Again, I must say that I was wrong about my first impression when I saw grandparents taking care of their grandchildren...but those were the days. Now that I have my own and I think I'm even worst than them! It's a beautiful feeling inside when you see your grandchild growing infront of you. When I had my children, I don't spend as much time like I spend with Ammar because being young, there's so many goals to achieve, so many places to go and so many things to do. So that is why when we get much older, with good health, got so much spare time and a little bit of savings, we have all the time in the world for our grandchildren. Trust me when I say this. I feel like my life is much more meaningful since the presence of Ammar.

To all my friends of the same era, if your children are old enough and have been dating with special friends, marry them and ask them to start their family as soon as possible so you will enjoy and understand the meaning of granparenthood!! It's fun and you'll soon find out how meaningful life is to you!!Good luck....

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  1. Thank you for everything Oma. You are the best. You helped ALOT!. Ill give you more juniors ok. Just wait Rocky Oma