Thursday, June 25, 2009

A forever friend...and forever has no end!

A dear friend wrote me this beautiful note . It's so beautiful that I think it should be shared. So many things we can learn from this note about friendship. It's true that friends are very important to our life. without friends, life will be boring because friends will always brighten up yours days and lite up your nights. I'm lucky for having such friends.

A friend will always show you the right path and lighten up the burden you've been carrying in your heart and mind because friends are good listeners. Secrets are always shared among friends and will be kept safely forever. But not all kind of friends are able to fullfil the criteria...only selected ones. Friends are best when you are at worst....

To this wonderful friend of mine, thank you for such a beautiful note. I will try my very best to be a forever friend as what you wished for. InsyaAllah. To me you are one........May all of you out there find a forever friend for yourself!

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