Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yesterday Once More...

Bumping into old friends is something that we all long for. Last Sunday night, my husband and I were invited to a wedding at One World Hotel in Damansara. An old friend who attended the same school, same year, same classroom and you can imagine they shared all the same experiences since they were 16 years old wed his son......... two down and five more to go..he said!! They were students from one of a well known boarding school....Sekolah Menengah Alam Shah. Originally it was in Cheras but now they moved to Putrajaya with a new environment. The old boys were sad for they love the old school a lot regardless of the old and worn out buildings but to them that was where they started . They grew up and went through teenage life together. Nostalgic... every corners and nooks of that school brought back memories ......laughter , tears and cold sweat!!! Believe it or not, that was where they were given the knowledge of how to use the toilet!!!! Hahahahhahaha ....that was in the 1960s mind you!

In any gathering with old friends, people tend to get carried away with stories of their pasts.....hmmmmmmm...They laughed and teased at one another about their stupidity, naughtiness, mistakes they did, the girls they admired(....Zaiton the warung operator's daughter), teachers whom they admired or bullied and so on. The old friends gathering will go on and on without realizing that it was already another day!!! How time flew . To make things worst....they are all boys! Sometimes the wives simply did not exist at that moment of time....NORMAL!

Being the wife to my husband, I was lucky to have been able to get along with the other wives if not all, but most of them. We talked about life, current issues and always ended up with gossip!!!......ssshhhhhhhh did you know so and so......?? Ooooooo.....I didn't know that!! How did she take it?..Oh dear! That was sad isn't it.....but no damage done. Everything started and ended there. We are always looking forward to meet up again. Actually it is our gathering too!! We always feel sad when we had to leave and looking forward to the next get together.....another wedding ??? We are so greatful and thank Allah for being married to the Old Boys ( The Handsome Alakadar..we call them) of ASAS. Their comradeship is beyond imagination and when they met, they behaved like teenages and totally forgot about their golden age! Hahahahhaha..you should have seen them having fun at Cik Din's(one of them) resort in Lembah Temir , Raub, Pahang. They were so cute and totally in their own world! It's fun to see your other half happy because it goes back to you!!

We went home, with a big smile on our face even though we can hardly lift the eyelids! Wondering...where is Zaiton now...the most talked about by all .....Hahahahhahha.


  1. Best tengok semua orang enjoy bila berada di Temir valley ni...

  2. When is the next invitation to Temir Valley????

  3. bole saya dapatkan no tel untuk saya hubungi pihak temir valley tak. tksh