Friday, February 21, 2014

Friends forever!

It is not easy when you lose someone. It is even harder when you lose three people whom you knew and very close to..... very close! Arwah Ali, Arwah Mohd Nor and Arwah Sri Zana.......
Arwah Ali Manaf

He will always be remembered as  our brother.
Both Arwah Ali and Arwah Norlila attended our
first reunions of the Turtles down to memory lane.
             I started my journey to Kuala Terengganu with my husband on the 22nd of January to visit , greet and meet our friends . we started quite late and I was very sleepy . So I stopped quite a number of times to fill up the fuel, to set our prayers and most of all to freshen up. At last by 10pm, we arrived safely in Felda Residence Hotel in Kuala Terengganu! What a relief. Upon arrival, my husband's friends called him and promised to fetch him up for dinner! I skipped. I had my late dinner in my room and off to sleep. He came back late that night and I knew he had a good time with his friends. Good for him. Six series men get together after so many years separated!
The Felda Residence in Kuala Terengganu
            We woke up for Subuh prayers and I realised that I forgot to charge my phone. Oh dear! That was a mistake. I turned on my Facebook and read through . I was shocked. I had to read over and over again to absorb the news. Ya Allah! One of my best buddy in MPKT passed away last night! Inalillahi Wainalillahirojiuun!  How to call to confirm when my phone was out of battery! Helpless!  Lucky me that my husband kept some of my MPKT friends' numbers but none of them answered!  It was terrible! Of all the days, today my phone failed me! Helpless.... Speechless..... 

                   When my phone came back to live, I managed to contact Titina and we both planned to drive to Kuantan and we did! We stopped by Dungun to fetch Kasmawati but we were late. The funeral was over and we failed to pay our last respect to him...... very sad  but we managed to see old friends like Taksiah, Amin, Azman, Nik, Zin, Azman Kecik, Rostam and Syikin. We even met Encik Hamid, our lecturer whom I did not recognise at first sight! We visited Arwah Ali's wife Norihan and his four daughters. It was a great lost to all of us. Then we went to Nik's place since we were in Kuantan! We left Kuantan quite late and arrived Kuala Terengganu by midnight. Throughout the way, we talked about our good old days with him..... we truly miss him. Because of him, I missed my husband's gathering with his old friends but I met mine..... eventhough I had to lose one!


Our first MPKT reunion..... TURTLES in MPKT.

              We left  Kuala Terengganu for Kota Bahru.  My daughter and family gave us a great surprise. They were there too in Kota Bahru to attend the same wedding in Bachok!  My heart lifted when I saw them. It eased my pain after losing a friend..... Masyaallah! We stayed in Kota Bahru for a couple of nights and revisited Kuala Terengganu! My eldest grandson tagged along with us all the way in our Starex..... What a feeling!

                Below are photographs of ASAS69/72 get together in Kuala Terengganu. Nice to see when many turned up from the early rise of the sun until late night.

Terengganu vs Kelate

Two doctors came all the way from Kuala Lumpur....

it is also a get togetrher for the wives.

Meet the organizer!

              Then I drove to Kota Bahru , Kelantan for another of ASAS69/72 gathering with those who are living there.  Che Din Sulaiman and Hajjah Wan Remlah tagged along with us.  Along the way we stopped by the mosque  for Friday prayers. I stayed at my friend, Akhtar Zaiti and her hubby Wan Ikram as promised. That night we had dinner with the ASAS 6972 Kelate  citizens whom I have not met before. Just imagine  for some of them, like my husband, this is the first time he only met his ex schoolmates after 43 years! Most of them were in tears......  Most remembered one another  but some need to be reminded.....hehhehhe.

Everybody is trying hard to guess the images of their Terengganu n
Kuala friends.

                It hurts so much when you lost somebody but Allah knows BEST. We have to accept the fact that they are gone but never forgotten. Whenever they flashed into my mind, I recited Al Fatihah as a sadakah for them. The momories together with them  will be in my memory forever. So, my dear friends, we all are getting older. Try in any ways to call one another, get together as frequently as possible because we all are living on borrowed time...... we just have to plan a get together soon. We already lost Norlila Samad and recently Ali Manaf. Who is next in line.... it could be any one of us. Attending weddings of your friends' children is another way of getting together. Try not to miss any!

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ASAS6972 ...... old boys!

A happy family.

Akhtar tagged along with me to the wedding in Bachok.
Spend some time bringing along you own family to visit your friends in other places. It is good to do so for we hope that this friendship will not stop until our generation only but prolong forever. Insyaallah.

Ny daughter n her family with Ikram.

Ikram enteratining my grandsons in his birds cage.

Visiting Akhtar n family in Kota Bahru.

Meet the MPKT Turtles!

Fahmi and Edward

Recently, my primary ex students came to my place.  They both looked good, young, vibrant, handsome and available. Fahmi, a promising young director with RTM,  stayed in Kuala Lumpur and Edward is currently doing trading in Guangzhou, China. So nice of him to bring along his mum Christine  whom I knew 27 years ago! I am so proud of them. I hope to have more of my ex students to come over to visit me in future.

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