Saturday, February 18, 2017

The day I lost my buddy...January 2014

I wished the news was not true. I hoped I heard wrong! It cannot be! I refused to believe it! 

It was Wednesday, The date was 22nd of January 2014, after packing all that I needed for the trip, my husband and I hopped on our Starex and we drove straight to Kuala Terengganu. Tomorrow night will be an old boys from Alam Shah Ex students and we both were looking forward to this event. I had made my own plans to see my friends too. 

The traffic was quite heavy so we drove slowly. We arrived safely at the Felda Residence Hotel in Kuala Terengganu late night and some friends were already waiting for us to snatch my husband for supper! Oooo,,, this is men business! I decided not to join for I was very tired, worn out and sleepy! That night I slept like a log and I totally forgot to recharged my phone. I only realised it after my Subuh solah! Like someone was telling me, I switched on my notebook and there it was....... the bad news! Tears flowing down my cheek. I can hardly able to absorb the news. MAny times I asked my husband to read again and again.... 

The message clearly mentioned his name, time and place of his death! Yes..... my brother, a dear friend, my buddy Mohd Ali Manaf died on early morning of Thursday 24th of Januàry 2014! I was so helpless! My phone was dead and all my contacts were in it! Lucky me my husband managed to call a familiar number and it was confirmed that the news was true! I felt sad with the news and even upset because my phone failed me at the time I needed it most! I cried my heart out because he always havebthat special place in my heart.

Everybody knew Arwah Ali!  He was a man who would not budge in his words. We were together with many more Turtles in MPKT in 1981  to 1983. He was a very likeable personality with a quality of his own. He headed the Red Crescent and a very good hockey player! He represented the college hockey team!  I remembered trying out the game when suddenly out of nowhere a hockey stick landed on my face! I fainted, lost a tooth and a swollen forhead and blood rushed out from my mouth..... lots of blood! I heard voices and I recognised his in the state of panic. His voice was above others and when I opened my eyes, he was there crying and the same time smiling down at me. I was in pain. I screamed and cried  but I will never forget that moment. He was a true brother, always there for me  in my ups and downs..... Ya Allah, how I miss him....  

Arwah Ali was  a very serious  when at work but when he was off duty, he was a very funny person! A very easy going person he was and as I recalled nobody would feel angry with his way of handling meetings and events or his practical jokes! We all felt at ease with him around ....just like a big brother! 

Before he joined Maktab Perguruan Kuala Terenggànu on 4th Mày 1981, he was working in Genting Highlands. His arwah father wanted him to be a teacher and registered his name for the purpose without his knowledge! Being a good son, he joined anyway! Of all the many, Arwah Ali, Azmi Mahabob, myself and few others had working experience behind us while most were fresh from school. We found out that we had the chemistry and since then we became buddies!

Arwah Ali was the Tesl B head of unit. I was in Tesl C. There were three classes  of Tesl teachers and we all think alike! We did everything together and kept little secrets within us! Even outings downtown or campings, all of us acted as one. Most of the times, we were always together. But being a newly opened college, all of the students regardless from other classes, were our friends too. Such a big compound with less than 200 students and started with only 5 lecturers.... what do you expect? Everybody knew everybody!  That was how and why we became close. 

I still remember our first Pestarama held in Penang. It was all about music. Taksiah, Saadiah, Kak Teh, Noradna and I were in the dancing group. Kasmawati and Titina were in the choir. Arwah Ali was not in any of the competition but with his sweet talk and wittiness, he was included in the team as a crew member! We had lots of fun in Penang. Wow! Those were the days!

But as I said, those were the days. We felt sad when someone who is dear to us pass on. What is left are the memories. Arwah Ali will always be in our mind and in our heart for as long as we live. Whenever any of the Turtles met, his name will be mentioned. 

Ya Allah please grant Ali a good place in Jannah for he was a very nice person. Please pardon all his faults. Al Fatihah!  

Till today, whenever Turtkes MPKT get together, we will always be in tears when his name popped up...... I still  miss my buddy......I really do. We still contacted his family until now. His wife Cikgu Norihan and his daughters are doing fine. We even attended his daughter's wedding in Kuantan at his new home which he bought for his family. A good choice of location. Well done bro!

Especially to .......Pensioners Club Members

This little bird made her nest from the roots of my plants.
 She did it twice and had 4 litlle ones. MasyaAllah.

Many times I heard people saying how time flies! Indeed it is so true. When I was young and still in my primary, I used to ask myself why is the time moving so slowly? I had done so many things and yet I still have lots of extra time? But as I get older, especially now, I realized that time moves faster...sometimes I felt like I am out of time...not enough many things to do and yet too little time! Masyaallah!

Sometimes, when I bumped into old friends, they never fail to ask me this question,"What did you do to kill your time? It must be very boring to stay at home doing nothing! You shouldn"t have quit teaching!" I just laugh out loud. Too bad my friends....that is very wrong! Well, being an unemployed , I have lots of time to do the things that I have been wanting to do for my family and for myself! 

I looked after my two children and now my  grandchildren, ....well only part time! But when I am in the mood, I just grab my sketch book  and do some sketching.... just sketch anything that crossed my mind. Painting is another love of my life. But it is impossible to sketch or paint when the little ones are around.....I just need to have a space and calmness to do so. 

I used to read. Dan Brown, Prahmoedyah , Sydney Sheldon are my favourites. I can claim that I have read all of their books. Oooops....suddenly I realised that I have done not much reading lately. Will have to start again. Actually when you read, you are feeding your brain with knowledge.... no wonder I am not as sharp!  Got to read again!

But the best of all is I have all the time in the world to learn to recite the Al Quran. This is ultimate. I have classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the day time and once at night. I have wonderful teachers to teach my friends and I. Alhamdulillah, after 5 years of struggling, Khatam (recited the whole Al Quran).  I have been  looking forward to this very day. The effort, the sacrifies and the learning and the passion..... Alhamdulillah.

Just recently I got engrossed with gardening. There is one group in the watsapp called the Kebun Bandar Tanam Sendiri.  Looking at the photos of their well grown plants may it be edible or flowering plants, with their colorful garden. Ya Allah, I told myself that I must do it too.... maybe in small scale. One thing good about this group is they share their experiences of how to start a nursery, how to take care of the plants, choices of fertilisers and so on. I really enjoyed reading comments and reviews and along the way, I pick up some knowledge. Alhamdulillah. Well.... like I said, I am just starting to enjoy gardening and my two grandsons love doing it too but most of the time making more mess than help! hahahahahaah.

A bouquet of vege from my garden.

Other than the things that I do above, I love spending my time with my friends for tea and sometimes test our pitching! Hahahahha.  it is the best time! Girls day out. Time to misbehave and let ourselves out! We will laugh at each other  with new dancing steps and not forgetting the wrong tones! Hahhahhahhahahah.....

I can say that my life is full of colors. That what makes it interesting and no time for feeling boring! Well, actually, when you are your own boss, there is no limit of what you want to do....JUST DO IT!

Go travelling. Cruising is one of the best. It's relaxation and affordable!