Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny but serious!

My friends and I went outing today. Azizah had been planning to take us out for makan-makan. Since our friend Yan was down with high fever and, flu and cough, we delayed our plan. Alhamdulillah, Yan was back on her feet and we had a gala time together just now.

Our beloved Nora drove us to the venue. We had Johnny's Steamboat which was everybody's choice! Yummy. We talked, listend, ate and joked and teased one another for we missed Yan very much. She was the chatterbox today.

One of the funniest thing that happened to us was when Azizah told us about how she found out that he driving license had aspired since 29th of January this year! We laughed our heart out and then everybody started checking ours. To our surprised, our great and beautiful pilot Nora found out that she had the same problem and her license expired earlier than Azizah's! Hahahahahha. Everybody else's was okay.

Oh wow! We suddenly realised that all this while we've been driven around by a driver whose license was out of date!!!nLet alone the laughing part ......actually it is not funny at all. Just imagine if we were in an accident and driver with not license...mati katak babe!!! Before we knew about it, we enjoyed the driving very much but the minute we knew about it, all we want is to be safely home because we are going aginst the law!

This is not new to me. Last few years, my husband and I was driving back to my mother in law's home in Tanjung Malim after visiting his late brother's family in Kuala Kubu Baru. As usual, I'll be the one behind the wheels. Because it was quite late at night, so we didn't expect any road block which was wrong! We were ushered to the road side and were told about my overspeed! Malunya aku! Then he asked for my license. Guess what? Expired! Then he asked for IMY's and expired too! Instead of giving us a summon, he laughed at us and asked us to renew our license first thing in the morning. We were driving without proper document for a year!!! Eversince then, we renew ours every 5 years! Hahahahhaha.

So friends, better start checking yours. Who knows yours is expired too. Tomorrow morning, I'll be driving Nora to renew her license....Ooooo what an experience!!

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