Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 3 in BiH.....So long MATUZICI!!

Yesterday late afternoon, we went out for tea with Rashid and his wife Mira. Both their daughters Lamiya and  Ameena are grown up girls. One of them is a Hafizah. MasyaAllah. Mira and Azemina are cousins and they grew up together. They look alike especially their chin! 

Azemina, ailee, Mira, Rashid, Azmi and Ibrahim.

Along, came Azmi's sons Hadi and Hanis. Somebody must have driven them here. That was the first time we encountered with  Ceman Ibrahim or IBRO .....Remember this name! He played the most important role in this trip around BiH.

Ceman Ibrahim....Ibro

This morning, Saturday the 9th of September 2017,  we are leaving MATUZICI to TUZLA. Tuzla is the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina after Sarajevo and Banja Luka. This city is situated in the Northwest of Bosnia. It is an educational centre and is home to two universities. Tuzla is home for the one and only salt lake in Europe, The Modrac Lake. 

Before leaving, Mayka and her daughters prepared Bosnian breakfast plus leftovers of fried Pastrmka. Azmi said we had to finish the fish because if we don't nobody will!  Mayka gave us two packets of Bosnian Coffee, a packet of sugar cubes, boxes and bottles of juices, fresh vegetables and her famous Mint Tea which she made herself! Mayka reminded me of my Almarhummah Mak. All mothers behave equally the same when comes to children. In their eyes, we are still their little ones. So that is why parents never see us as grown ups and we have to listen to them. Without realizing, we are doing it to ours too. Hahahhahhaha. That is life cycle.

Ceman Ibrahim or Ibro is 28years old. Married to Rukija and they have a 3 months old daughter,Nehla. He studied in Medrasah and graduated from the Sarajevo University .He can be an Imam should he chose to but he took Literature instead. This young man reads a lot and knows the history of his country well. We were so lucky having him to drive us around and feeding us with informations regarding the places that we visited. With him, our understandings towards the people, culture , attitude and behavior made easy. Alhamdulillah.

Azmi and his family accompanied us to our apartment in Tuzla. So very nice of them. Then they left Tuzla to Stuttgart leaving us the three stooges . It was a nice and simple apartment  situated just a walk away from the nearest Masjid and the Old town. When we first got in that city, everything looked so old. Most of the building which were destroyed during the war were not repaired. Bullet holes were scared. I cannot imagine what life was during the war.

That late afternoon, Ibro brought us around Tuzla. We visited the Behram-Begova Medresa which was first operated in 1626, making it the oldest educational institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The building architectecture is the Arab Moorish style and throughout the years and history, it underwent restored and rebuilt repeatedly.

He teaches English in the Medresa.


some of the facilities in the Medresa
We were lucky to be privately toured the Medresa by one of the staffs. It really amazed us! The facilities are up to date. They have around 30 classes, laborataries, a hall, a big library, a huge Masjid, cafeteria, cold room and a laundry room just to accomodate  500 students, girls and boys and 45 staffs. The language used is Bosnian Language. Just when we were about to leave, we bumped into one of the most important person in this city....the Mufti of Tuzla. MasyaAllah. It was very nice of him to greet us and we took the opportunity to take some photographs with him. It was a real surprise for us.....

The Mufti of Tuzla.

Then we visited the Old Town Tuzla dan there were many  
visitors. It happened that there were many groups of Big Bikers gathered in this city. Ibro was so excited because his dream is to own a super bike. InsyaAllah someday he will.
Ibro showed us around. We visited an old Masjid and then to a place called the Kapija. This was the spot where a massacre of civilians committed by the Army of Republika Srpska on 25th of May 1995 during the Bosnian War. 71 people were killed and 240 were injured between the ages of 18 to 25 years old. It was very inhuman of them! Some put flowers at the the memorial  and some just stand in silence. I  made dua for them.  All the victims names who were dead, were written on the wall. So very young....what a waste!

My two Ibrahim. The Senior and the Junior.

The colored tiles was the place where the massacre took place.

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